Joe's Moving is a full service moving company providing and delivering materials, packing, providing labor, moving local and statewide, residential and commercial furniture. We move houses, apartments, load and unload trucks, pods, storage units and most importantly, safely and efficiently. All your valuables and delicate items.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

BBB A+ Rated

Below are rates, information and tips which could make your moving flow smoothly and reduce the time and money.

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-Standard rates - 2 men / (1)26 ft. Moving truck = $95.00 per hour (plus tax). Includes: Pads, dollies, tools, straps to secure furniture. All trucks have Ramps. 2 trucks have lift-gate capability. $45.00 each additional man

-Monday thru Sunday / 7 days a week

 - 2 1/2 hours minimum@ $95.00/hr(*includes travel charge within city limits).

*1/2 hr. travel charge applies within the city limits of Albuquerque. Charges begin at arrival and 1/2 hr. travel placed at end of unload.

*Round trip charges apply for outer city limits - Charges begin at dispatch and end upon arrival at headquarters.

****************************************************************************************************** Special handling charges of $45.00 per piece apply to the following:

  Safes / Pool tables / Pianos / Copiers / Weights (>=350lbs)

( No Grands or Baby Grand pianos )

* We Also load and unload Rentals Trucks @ $95.00 per hour ( 2 men / No truck).



Hours are rounded every 15 minutes. All furniture will be covered in furniture pads and any previous damage will be reported before they are moved from your original location. Shrink-wrap will also be available upon request, if you desire extra protection for leather items or white fabric. Please request additional materials listed below if desired. Preferred payment is cash. (You will receive a receipt documenting all charges including taxes for your records). .) Credit cards are accepted. If you are checking other moving companies for other estimates, make sure you ask about hidden charges

a. 1/2 hour travel charge applies within city limits of Albuquerque / Round trip travel charge applies anywhere outside city limits

b. Fuel charge Local - $8.00 flat fee / varies

c. Stair charge - Some companies charge $50.00 per flight. We do not.

d. Hourly charge - Most companies round to the highest hour. (i.e.- 2:15pm = 3:00pm) (We round every 15 minutes)

* Also, Call the BBB to research other Movers backgrounds you are considering for unanswered complaints or any unresolved complaints. (Internet access - go to

Moving Consultation

JMI provides free estimates. Just give us a call and our General Manager will come out to take a closer look at your items and will give a real time estimate. The estimate can either be faxed or emailed to you the very next day!!!


  • Wardrobe boxes (2’x2’x4’) $5.00 each for rental/$20.00 each to purchase
  • Small Box (1.5cu./ft.)...................  $3.00 per box
  • Medium Box (3.1 cu.ft.)..................$4 50 per box
  • Tape...............................................$4.50 per roll
  • Packing Paper @10lb./$12.00-@25lb./$30.00-@50lb./$55.00
  • Bubble Wrap 48” x 200’ = .............$75.00 per roll
  • Shrink wrap $5.00 per chair/$10.00 per couch/$75.00 per roll
  • Mattress covers...........................$10.00 each


Below are some packing tips that can help your move flow more smoothly:

Only linens, fabric or clothing can be left in dresser drawers. Please remove any valuables when moving, especially books or any heavy items which may cause excess stress on the furniture. (Remove any cash, jewelry, medicine, books or papers).

Desks and Cabinets must be emptied and packed, sealed and labeled into boxes.

Dishes & Glassware should be wrapped with packing paper and place neatly into boxes. Seal and label boxes.

Computers, phones, electronic devices should be packed, sealed and labeled into boxes.

Books in bookshelves should be boxed, sealed and labeled (i.e.- Heavy - books / fragile - crystal / china)

Gas and Water connections must be disconnected prior to move.

Paintings, plants, lamps should be placed in boxes or in separate area for movers to load into truck.

(If they are not packed, we can pack them but will need sufficient lead-time to bring supplies.)




Please call to check with your insurance agent for your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Some policies cover a move within 30 days of a move. Our policy is only $0.60 cents per pound. Any additional coverage needs to be purchased before the move begins.


CLEANING SERVICES are provided to you after the move is completed. Sold your house? After you move, let Joe's Cleaning service take care of the mess. Services offered: Vacuuming, Mopping, Dusting, Wall touch ups, Carpet Shampooing, (Clean Appliances, Bath tubs, Ovens) CALL FOR A FREE ESTIMATE

--- @ $70.00 per hour for two people. (2 1/2 hour minimum - Monday - Saturday)